My Tokyo Mecca, “VILLAGE VANGUARD” Book Shop in Shimokitazawa

I like bookshops. Not only do I enjoy visiting local ones on a daily basis, I really love to visit bookshops in whatever city I visit: Keibunsya in Kyoto, Nomad Books in London, American Book Center in Amsterdam, Globe in Prague… It’s not typically a reason to travel to a particular city, but once I am in a new city, I just can’t miss stopping in a bookshop. They are like a mecca for me. Visiting a bookshop creates an intimate relationship between me and the city, so it has become a must-do during my travels.
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Winter flea Market in Tokyo – Setagaya Boroichi

I like the local market.
Fish market, Farmer’s market, Street market, Weekend market… of all sorts at any time or any place. And the market is my always top must-see wherever I go to travel. There are fresh encounters, living communications and real local life in the market. Yes, I love the market!
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The Lucky Cat Temple

I like Tokyo in the early morning, deep late night or midafternoon in hot summer. In those hours Tokyo is less crowded and going slow & quiet. But when it comes to the most quite Tokyo, it would be in New Year and Bon holidays. A lot of people get out of Tokyo, going home to see their family for those traditional holiday seasons and Tokyo falls into a hush. Especially, during New Year.

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