My Resolution for 2016

Happy New Year everyone!

2016 is a brand new year for me. First of all I made a New Year’s resolution this year which I hadn’t done for the last couple years. After I had babies not-making-resolutions had been some kind of my resolutions. I’ve been learning just to enjoy what comes to me everyday. Me, before baby, I easily got frustrated about things not going as I planed. But living with babies taught me how important to focus on “now” and appreciate each moment of life. Simply saying, being happy everyday. And planing or setting goals sometimes distracted me from being that way, so eventually I start less doing them.

It’s been good lessons and I learned well. But from late in 2015 I started feeling I need to move on. It’s time for the change and I want to commit something to myself.

DSC07920– Me and my father at Yushima tenjin Shrine in Ueno.

This year I’ve decided to blog/vlog in ENGLISH. Yes, this blog is my 2016 resolution!

I’ve been writing my blog here since 2012 in Japanese and thinking to write them in English occasionally to tell my friends abroad how we’re doing, but ended up not until now. It’s not easy to write in English and I’m afraid to show my poor, incorrect English writing in public. But for the change (good change), I need breaking of my shell and writing in English would be perfect ways to get there.

From now on, I will continue to write here about my life in Tokyo and travel around the world.


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