Japanese Style Home Party

Last Sunday, we visited our friends for a New Year party. They’re sisters age of 75 & 70 years old and originally my parents friends and as it is now they’re my oldest good friends too.

This is annual gathering held on some weekend of January at their small cozy home for two, 60-square-meter big in the ground floor of cooperative apartment in Ikebukuro of Tokyo. In 1978 they bought this room and designed & did all the carpentry work by themself with help from friends.

Members who has come to the party were our mutual friend, my brother’s family and us. In total 7 adults and 4 children all fitted in little living room just beside entrance and sat down next to each other around the table with full of goodies on.

Fried chickens flavored with curry spice & soy source, boiled seasonal vegetables with sesame mayonnaise, simply grilled Pacific sauries, white small rice balls, pickled white beet, bread & cheese and seasoned Nori. All freshly cooked and ready to be eaten.

“Kanpai!” – Making a toast and started eating. We caught up with each other’s lives in 2015 and listened to each other’s plans & hopes for 2016. And then We enjoyed cakes my brother brought with coffee and tea in the end.

This is my most favorite home party. Everything is spontaneous as always. And sharing foods with each other & sitting on the floor next to each other helps creating more intimate relaxing atmosphere.






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